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About MIB's Ancillary Services
Facts about MIB

In addition to MIB's Underwriting Services, MIB also provides several ancillary services for the benefit of the insurance industry. Please refer to MIB's Consumer Privacy Policy for additional details regarding the consumer information that MIB collects and how it is used by MIB.

MIB EHR Service

MIB provides its Electronic Health Records Service (known as MIB's "EHR Service") in the United States to subscribing member life and health insurance companies ("members"). MIB's EHR Service is used by members for underwriting life, critical illness, long term care and disability income insurance policies, as well as for determining disability benefits eligibility.

With your signed authorization, MIB's EHR Service provides subscribing members with electronic copies of your medical records (known as "electronic health records" or "EHR") derived from healthcare organizations and other healthcare providers. MIB obtains your electronic health records from certain participating EHR vendors that also provide services to your healthcare providers.

TransUnion's Identity Manager Verification Services

MIB also provides subscribing members with access to TransUnion's Identity Manager Verification Service (IDMV) (a service provided by TransUnion Risk and Alternative Data Solutions, Inc., "TRADS") for members' U.S. life insurance applicants. When accessing MIB's services, MIB's members may submit an identity verification inquiry that is passed through to TRADS solely to verify an applicant's identity. By obtaining a TransUnion IDMV report, MIB members verify the identities of their customers in order to ensure the quality of their business, manage identity risk, prevent identity fraud, and comply with their obligations under the USA Patriot Act (anti-money laundering and customer identification programs).

Sherlock Reports

MIB provides subscribing members in the United States with access to Sherlock reports ("Sherlock Reports") (a service provided by Explore Information Services, LLC ("Explore")) when determining eligibility for insurance. Sherlock Reports are used by MIB's members to identify an individual's criminal record history (if any).

MVR Indicator

MIB provides subscribing members in the United States with access to MVR Indicator reports (a service provided by ISO Claims Services, Inc. through its Insurance Information Exchange Unit (“iiX”)). The MVR Indicator provides an alert to insurers that indicates whether a proposed insured has a record of motor vehicle violations. This alert helps insurers decide whether to order motor vehicle records on the proposed insured.

Cross Check Service

Life insurers are required in several states to search the Social Security Death Master File ("SSDMF") to determine whether any of their insureds may have died without any subsequent notification to the life insurance companies. MIB Solutions, Inc. provides its Cross Check Service to assist subscribers with their efforts to match ("cross check") certain life insurance policy, retained asset account, contract and annuity records with the latest updated version of the SSDMF as well as other death sources, and to obtain a report with detailed results of the data match. After MIB Solutions provides its report, the member is then responsible for discharging its reporting duties to state insurance departments and for conducting a search for the deceased insured's family and/or beneficiary.

Life Statistical Services

As the appointed statistical agent for the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) and the Kansas Insurance Department (KID)(through 2019 only), MIB Solutions assists regulated insurance companies with their compliance obligations for mandatory experience reporting as required by state insurance departments.

Policy Locator Service

MIB offers its Policy Locator Service ("PLS") to consumers in order to potentially locate "lost life insurance policies" (policies that are suspected to exist, but are unknown to the decedent's estate representative). Executors or administrators of a decedent's estate are permitted to order a report of life insurance application activity from MIB. If no executor or administrator has been appointed, then a surviving spouse or the decedent's closest surviving relative may be eligible to order a Policy Locator Service report. For additional information about this service, please visit: PLS IS NOT AVAILABLE TO CONSUMERS WHO ARE RESIDENTS OF CALIFORNIA OR WHERE THE DECEDENT ABOUT WHOM A SEARCH IS REQUESTED WAS A RESIDENT OF CALIFORNIA.

Industry Studies

MIB conducts primary research for industry leading organizations that provide unique insights into the most pressing management issues facing the insurance industry today. MIB research underpins the life insurance industry's mortality tables and provides a scientific means from which to justify life insurance underwriting and contemporary risk assessment practices.